Sunday, 18 August 2013

Will Home Ownership Really Make You Happy?

Having the confidence and pride that you have your own home may be the primary reason why a lot of people want to buy their own home that they can call their own. This simply means; if you own it, you can do anything with it. Moreover, you have this sense of security and stability when you have your own home. It's like an investment, a preparation for your future.

Another good reason why you should buy your own home is that real estate is a good defence against inflation. It has constantly appreciated even though it moves in different cycles. Another reason is that the mortgage interest can be fully deducted on the homeowner’s income tax return given that your mortgage balance is less than the property's price.

To learn more advantages of having your own home, you can check out an article posted at Money Ning. The article reveals if homeowners really feel happier than those who rents.

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